"The Erotic Wordsmith"

is a spoken lust artist and Internationally known erotic poet/philanthropist from Charlotte, NC, via Miami, FL and Sumter, SC.

Noted as "The King of Spoken Lust", Marlon is true to his craft and continues to build his legacy in the game.   With humble beginnings as an elementary school crush letter writer at the tender love age of 7, it was destined that he would soon expand his title as spoken word artist into the realm of spoken lust artistry.  Bridging the gap between erotic words and a delicate, yet luscious delivery, Marlon understands that the artform of erotic poetry is more than just a couple of expletive words, but one of life, passion and God's work.


The 2018 year was one of tremendous growth with over 15 features and a solid base of supporters and new fans ensuring The Erotic Wordsmith is a name that is known inside, as well as outside of the realm of poetry venues and events. 


In 2019 The Erotic Wordsmith was a featured poetic performer on the 12th Annual Capital Jazz Cruise #SuperCruise2019 Erotic Poetry Night titled "Cunninglinguistics" , hosted by Ingrid B (@MsIngridB).  This year will be a breakout year for this humble, yet erotic wordsmith....Coming to a residence, event and/or theater near you.